BUX commercial 2020


A new Television campaign was launched in order to bolster awareness for BUX Zero, a commission-free investing app that allows users to invest in the brands and companies they care about.
This commercial will run in multiple markets, beginning with the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium and France.

We opted to use BUX’s founder & CEO as well as employees to speak to users. A key element of BUX’s brand is the element of authenticity and the human touch that they bring to investments. By not using actors, BUX continues to showcase this much-beloved brand trait.

A consistent element in all of the commercials are the BUX letters. These stand 2.4 meters high and allow for 3D projection mapping of images on their surface. This technique allows for varying images to be projected to the exact contours of the brand letters.




Stevan Zmiric, Kamiel van Eeuwijk, Nick Bortot, Dave Nelissen, Joep van Diejen, Bas van Diejen.


Dave Nelissen


Stevan Zmiric


Joep van Diejen


Kamiel van Eeuwijk, Bas van Diejen


Iris Zuidema